Spinal Care

There are many different types of scenarios or cases in which you may require a spine specialist in New Richmond, Wisconsin. Brown Chiropractic is home to an experienced team of musculoskeletal experts who can help you recover from joint and soft tissue problems with minimal invasiveness, and with maximal results.

What Symptoms Does a Chiropractor Treat?

A chiropractor treats many symptoms in his office. Some of the reasons that patients reach out include automobile injuries, sports injuries, chronic back pain, and herniated discs.

As a spine specialist in New Richmond, Wisconsin, Dr. Brown also sees families and workers for chiropractic checkups. The spine is the center of the neural system and important for the balance of muscles throughout the body. Correcting it can help relieve migraines, headaches, back and neck pain, and repetitive use injuries. 

What are Common Treatments for Patients?

A chiropractor believes in holistic care without the use of pain pills, which can become addictive to patients. Instead, the root of the problem is addressed to give a patient more freedom of motion, to relieve pain and swelling, and to give them a better quality of life overall. Many times, massage therapy can relieve painful areas of the body.

Foot levelers treat the body as a whole by starting with the feet. They are custom orthotics to properly support the arches in each foot for a more balanced foundation, which can reduce imbalances further up in the body, such as in the hips and lower back.

Both manual and mechanical spinal traction can help greatly to relieve herniated discs, allowing their inner gel to move back into place and stop impinging nerve roots and nearby muscles.

X-ray analysis or MyoVision computerized spinal analysis may be used in order to make an informed diagnosis and then a treatment plan for you.

Trust the Professionals for Your Chiropractic Care

You can trust in the highly professional and compassionate team at Dr. Donald Brown Chiropractic as your spinal specialists in New Richmond, Wisconsin. Dr. Brown is available for later afternoon appointments for your convenience. Call us at 715-246-2110 to schedule an appointment and start healing from the inside out.

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