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chiropractic adjustment

A chiropractic adjustment, also known as chiropractic manipulation, manual manipulation, or spinal manipulation, is the primary chiropractic treatment method for back pain.

Spinal manipulation relieves pressure on joints, reduces inflammation, and improves nerve function. It has been a trusted form of treatment since the ancient Greek Hippocrates documented manipulative techniques in his writings back in 1500 B.C. Today, spinal manipulation is used to treat conditions such as allergies, menstrual cramps and headaches.

If you are suffering from headaches, migraines, and other ailments, there are many ways that you can get rid of them at the New Richmond, WI office of Dr. Donal Brown. One of these is chiropractic adjustments. These are simple and easy procedures that can provide relief to patients of all ages.

The Gonstead Method

Dr. Brown specializes in the Gonstead method. A chiropractor using the Gonstead method uses specific force to restore correct spinal function and movement. This method is safe and is proven to be effective in reducing pain.

Specifically, Dr. Brown uses the Gonstead method to employ high-velocity adjustments controlled by a short lever. During the procedure, he will analyze your spine and focus on problem areas.

Headache and Migraine Relief

There are several kinds of headaches that can be relieved by a chiropractor. They will evaluate your spine, which may reveal misalignments, myofascial trigger points, and other postural problems. It may also benefit those with chronic or episodic tension headaches.

Different chiropractic techniques include spinal adjustments, trigger point therapy, and neuromuscular massage. These techniques can unblock pressure in the neck that contributes to headaches as well as loosening tight tissues in the head itself.

Relief From Neck and Back Pain

You may be interested in obtaining adjustments from Dr. Brown if you've been experiencing neck and back pain. This treatment can realign joints, taking pressure off nerve roots and allowing muscles to balance each other more efficiently. In addition, it doesn't require drugs, surgery, or expensive insurance coverage.

One of the most significant advantages of chiropractic adjustments in New Richmond, WI, is that it does not have the typical adverse side effects. Instead, many people report that they feel much better immediately after an adjustment.

Childhood Aches and Pains

If your child suffers from growing pains, chiropractic care can help. Chiropractic is a non-invasive, drug-free treatment that focuses on healing musculoskeletal conditions. 

For example, your child's chiropractor may use light fingertip pressure and handheld instruments to correct malfunctioning spinal structures. These treatments are very effective.

Pregnancy Back Pain

One of the most common spinal complaints during pregnancy is back pain. However, chiropractors can address its causes without resorting to drugs or surgery. In addition to alleviating the pain, chiropractic care also helps maintain proper growth for the fetus, which is often a challenge during childbirth.

Schedule your appointment with Dr. Brown by calling (715) 246-2110 and start benefiting from the relief provided by chiropractic adjustments. 

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