Gonstead Method

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How Does the Gonstead Method Differ From Other Types of Chiropractic Care?

Not all chiropractors utilize the same techniques when treating their patients. The paths chiropractors take may diverge based on their education and training. Dr. Brown utilizes the Gonstead method exclusively. So, what is the Gonstead method, and how is it different from other options?

If there is one word that captures the difference between the Gonstead method and other approaches, it has to be precision.

Dr. Brown uses gentle means to adjust the spine. This is achieved by first completing a thorough consultation and examination. This includes; 1. A structural assessment visually and with X-ray if needed, 2. accounting of joint, muscle and spinal nerve assessment. This allows all from babies to seniors to enjoy results from chiropractic care.

Try the Gonstead method in New Richmond, WI, after scheduling treatment with Dr. Brown of Brown Chiropractic.

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What Is the Experience of Receiving Treatment Based on the Gonstead Method?

Given how important precision is to the effectiveness of the Gonstead method, it should come as no surprise that it requires plenty of preparation. Before treatment begins, expect your chiropractor to run different tests. These may include x-rays, instrumentation, and palpation.

Once the chiropractor has a good idea of which parts of your body to focus on during treatment, they will ask you to assume a position that allows them to render treatment. You may also be asked to change positions during the treatment session.

From here, the chiropractor will work on administering the necessary adjustments. Try to relax during this time and let the chiropractor work. Expect to feel the effects of the Gonstead method soon after your treatment.

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