Gonstead Application of Chiropractic

A Chiropractic doctor should make diagnostic decisions with nothing less than all of the available information. This will insure reliable care and ultimately patient confidence in the doctor’s ability. The goal should be to find the fastest route to get lasting results. This is done by having a grasp of the reasons that led to the health challenge and what may interfere with lasting results.  The Gonstead system of Chiropractic uses five components of information gathering: Visualization, Instrumentation, Palpation, X-Ray, and Patient Feedback. Case Management. When all of these correlate we are more likely to give the patient the best adjustment.  Specific adjustments improve recovery time and patient satisfaction.

X-RAYS In the Gonstead System are Full Spine. Full Spine films use less radiation than sectionals, provide an accurate vertebral count, provide full spinal contour for posture analysis and can reveal structural problems that may impact the chief complaint. 

PALPATION Palpation is the “hands on” part of the examination. It is used to assess the dysfunction of the joint. This is called a subluxation. In other words, determine the position of the joint, the presence of swelling and sensitivity, and the amount of muscle spasm. This is critical in deciding how to make the adjustment.

INSTRUMENTATION An instrument, a Nervoscope, gently glides along the spine to assess for spinal nerve interference. Subluxations commonly cause nerve interference but simple back pain does not. This is critical in determining where to make the adjustment.

VISUALIZATION  We take into account all the information we can get from the patient by carefully assessing their posture. How one stands and walks.  This helps to confirm your X-Ray and Palpation findings. The presence of structural asymmetry, right down to the feet, imposes weaknesses and more work on your joints and muscles.

PATIENT FEEDBACK is vital to track symptoms and for case management. While symptoms can be mysterious, They should improve if the case management is appropriate.

CASE MANAGEMENT Dr. Brown must have an understanding of preexisting health conditions and the work and home environments you live. This is important for helping you avoid things that may slow recovery or have led to the problem in the first place.

In the Gonstead System we apply all the information from these modes of analysis and correlate our findings to determine the most likely cause of the patient’s condition. After subluxations are found, the proper application of chiropractic through the Gonstead technique will effectively correct problem areas.

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